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Namarketer President Bob Namar

Namarketer President Bob Namar

For more than 20 years, my bright associates and I have tackled special marketing challenges for friends, colleagues and associates. For a time, it was simply moonlighting, as we all carried on our separate professional careers serving in agencies and Fortune 500 brands. Over the years, I've increased the time working these assignments and now it has become Namarketer.

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It starts with getting to know you and your business. We consult with you to learn your marketing efforts to date, the metrics you have available, and the targeted goals and objectives for your marketing efforts. With an understanding of the existing landscape, we can evaluate your current online presence and recommend a plan for implementation.

We’re confident in what we do and what we know and are equally comfortable serving large, global businesses and local start-ups. We can produce significant returns for you; though getting those results won’t happen overnight.

So the time to act is now. Let's get the process started, and let's get your business more business. Let's talk.



It is not enough to stare up the steps,
we must step up the stairs.

Use the form below to send me a message about work, some suggestions for the web site, or just to get acquainted.  I'm looking forward to it.

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Bob Namar  (862) 812-7874

Twitter: @namar

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