Challenge: promote brand, usage and retention of regional mobile phone provider.

Strategy:  position brand as good will ambassador demonstrating community support through development of special free event open to public. Generate buzz along with pre- and post-event publicity. 

Result  created summer beach event, partnering with state travel and tourism department. Sponsor signage, branded giveaways and awards to participants. Ninety days of pre- and post-publicity generated press statewide and in dozens of local communities.

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Danielle Roxanne Designs

Danielle Roxanne Designs

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Challenge: develop corporate sponsorship and branding opportunities for local and regional companies, nonprofits and civic organizations.

Strategy: create opportunities through a free 3-day food and music event created by developing a partnership between a music foundation, a chamber of commerce, and corporate and local sponsors.  Generate buzz for event with name artists and pre- and post-event publicity. 

Result  event created special marketing opportunities, with signage and other brand opportunities in front of 100k+ attendees; developed broad media attention, on-site sampling, customer acquisition and more. Measured attendee satisfaction scored high each year as the event grew in size and scope. All the original participating partners prospered.

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