It's the time of year for Top Ten Lists. Here's ten of the most interesting ones:

Forbes list starts with autos in the $1 million range.

10. Top Ten Most Expensive Cars for 2012. The Forbes list starts with autos in the $1 million range.


9. Top Ten World Carnivals of 2012. Ancient hedonistic feasts have become modern version of drinking, dancing, and dressing up!

Byron Wein's endlessly entertaining year end forecasts,

8. Top Ten Surprises for 2012. Byron Wein's endlessly entertaining year-end forecasts,

Quantum Conundrum is the latest project of Kim Swift, co-creator of the classic PC puzzle game Portal. Like Portal,

7. Top Ten Original Video Games for 2012. Quantum Conundrum is by the creator of puzzle game Portal.

Commodities, the recession and President Obama's future.

6. Top Ten Market Predictions for 2012. Commodities, the recession and President Obama's future.

food and drink trends

5. Top Ten Food and Drink Trends for 2012. Trends in food and drink from the Ingredients Network.

bad music

4. Top Ten Worst Albums of 2012. Music you won't want to hear...or will you?

privacy and security

3. Top Ten Privacy Trends for 2012.   Privacy and security professionals look into the crystal-ball for 2012.

2. Top Ten Tech Trends for 2012. Nokia has a prototype of a flexible screen.

Space tourism is a job that will be hot in the next several years.

1. Top Ten Hot Careers of Tomorrow to Prepare for in 2012. Space tourism is a job that will be hot in the next several years.
Authorbob namar

Christmas is a season where people are predisposed to spending and therefore an excellent marketing opportunity for most businesses. And the time to plan your Christmas marketing campaign may be right now. Yes...for next year... Take some notes on what impressed, what impacted and what cut through to you this season and file it away for consideration when you plan your campaign in the late summer.

Developing a strategic marketing campaign to reach your target market, engage with them, and achieve your goals is a lot more difficult.

Your Advantage: Planning three months in advance, yes in the summer time, is the best way to kick off an amazing, results-driven Christmas campaign.

But, first you need to figure out what your objectives are, how you are going to measure your success and who you want to reach out to. Then you will need to develop deadlines to make sure you campaign achieves everything you wanted it to. After all that "shopping," you'll finally be able to relax and unwrap the gift you are giving yourself.

Merry Christmas.

Authorbob namar