Who says we're any good?

If you happen to believe, as I do (and as Socrates said)

that the best way to gain a good reputation is to "endeavor

to be what you desire to appear," then you may appreciate

this collection of endorsements earned over the years.

...I quickly learned that I could count on Bob to provide content that was essential to my international marketing plans and efforts. Whether in print or online, Bob cut through the noise and delivered meaningful, relevant content that increased business...
— Eric Anderson, product line manager
...consistent excellent service in every aspect of his scope of work... Robert took the time to truly understand our needs and delivered on time and on budget.
— Gary Rae, real estate executive and entrepreneur
...thanks so much for an excellent and professional job...just perfect in every way...and just what we wanted.
— Robert Bregman, financial services executive
... an extraordinarily effective force ... an excellent writer, editor, marketer, manager of projects and one of the very few out there who truly understands and executes optimally ‘content marketing.
— Robert Frump, author and corporate communications executive
Bob is one of the most intelligent yet humble people I have ever met. He is an editor and writer that is always willing to do whatever it takes to be a professional business partner and to deliver quality work. ... What makes him so impressive, though, is that he can absorb very technical and complex product or business concepts very quickly and convert them into compelling content.
— Brian Katz, financial services executive
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